Cats spread throughout Israel.

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There are cats EVERYWHERE in Israel. By some accounts, there are over 2 million of them running around. If one goes in any village or city, they are all over the place. From what I understand, they were brought decades ago by the British to control rats and mice. Given the close living quarters for […] […]

Bob, The Cat, SURVIVES!!!

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Yesterday Gayle told me that Bob the Kitten (whose name will not be Bob) was losing weight, as he was not eating enough, “He’s going to live, though, right?” I asked. Gayle said she didn’t know. And that honest response had me worried sick all day. How could such an adorable and lively little thing […] […]

A Canadian Cat

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Aww…a fine day to mellow and relax, inside. It’s a very cold day with tons of sunshine. What temperature did the weatherman say it was this morning, Kali? Geez…it’s -35C but no wind…yet. I don’t plan on going anywhere today. Guess who came over for mouses in a block of cheese? May your toilet always […]

The Street Cat Life

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There are a lot of cats living on the street all over the world. And, one of the European city, Riga is not an exception. There are hundreds of feral cats. One of the local cat care non-profit organization decided to show the world street cats who deserve our love, care and attention. Cat Care […] […]