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Welcome to a Film By Cats, Catlover.

All cats featured on our website are from different homes worldwide.

Cat owners have submitted photo and video clips of them for us to share with the world.

Owners, and their cats, are also sharing their reasons on why they chose the brands of food, treats, and toys 

as well as some of their best moments and stories!

We are all about taking those unforgettable moments with your special friend and sharing them with the world..


Cat of the Month

Kitty is 3 Years old, He loves to watch several television shows, including "My Cat from Hell."

He sits up on this upright position whenever he decides to sit in front of the Television.

Kitty was found inside a box which contained an abandoned litter of kittens. He was rescued at 3 weeks of age.

He has been taken into a wonderful and loving home; in which has made him the loving cat he is today

He also enjoys watching The Walking Dead, as his mom loves the show as well


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