The Complete Cat Breed Book (Dk the Complete Cat Breed Book) Hardcover

Combining cat breeds, behavior, and training tips in one easy volume, The Complete Cat Breed Book is an essential reference to the basics of choosing and looking after a cat.

Packed with practical advice on cat maintenance, from handling and grooming to nutrition, exercise, and health, current and prospective cat owners will discover the best cat breed for their lifestyle. Including charts and a photographed catalog of more than fifty cat breeds, each profile outlining the breed’s history, appearance, and temperament, as well as coat color variations and breed-specific facts, this is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to raise and nurture a contented cat.

"I was delightfully surprised at all the information contained in this book. Not only are the various breeds shown in lovely colored pictures, there is valuable information as to the health and idiosyncrasies of each breed. There is a section for American shorthairs and longhair non pedigree cats too. There is information on how to care for your cat when well or sick. I really like this book very much. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to know more about cats and how to take care of cats."
Shirley A. Tona
"This is a highly informative book with colorful pictures and glossy pages. It has great information in the front and the back about cat care in general and some cat behavior. It is a great reference book to have on hand for my job (vet clinic), and it's just enjoyable to read in general since the subject is interesting."
Kate Bell
"There are, in my opinion, two kinds of cat books. There are the kind for people who want to breed and show them, and books for people who just love these little creatures and want to know how best to care for them. This beautifully photographed book covers breeds from the familiar (the Shorthair house cat) to the exotic (Peterbald or Donskoy, anyone?) There is an emphasis on health and care, with a lot of thought to the animals' personality. There are sections on feeding, socializing your cat, inherited disorders, training your cat. Everything lovers of cats need to keep their babies healthy and happy. I love this book."
Kayla Knox
"It's perfect for my 8 yrs old cat lover she received for her bday it's fall and loves it ! Has a lot of breeds I recommend this book along with the learn to draw cats and kitten book. It pairs perfectly with this book like a match made in heaven lol. So look it up on amazon."
Beth Collins

CAT by Matthew Van Fleet

From the #1 New York Times bestselling children’s book creator Matthew Van Fleet.

Purrrrrfect fun for toddlers!

In Matthew Van Fleet’s captivating multiconcept book, watch twenty-two breeds of frolicking felines demonstrate synonyms, action words, opposites, and more. Cleverly designed pull tabs and flaps plus seven pettable textures and a push-button squeaker offer interactive treats that will have toddlers purring along from start to surprising finish. Meow…meow…meow…WOW!

I had four new babies to buy for in a short space and came across these beautiful books. I ended up buying two of each-one dog book, one cat book - for each child. These are beautifully done- I will never forget the sixty something Grandmas PORING over them at a baby shower and the other Grandmas impatiently waiting their turn. The books are nice enough to give as a shower gift and were really appreciated by the new Mamas among all the usual clothes and baby blankets. As for the actual kids who will "read" them,, these are sturdy, well made books with gorgeous photos and something happens- a texture, a sound, a pull-out- on every page. As the adult who will read them to the child, some of the pages are quite funny-when you end up reading them multiple times you will appreciate this. As with all pop-up books, these should probably be read to the child as there are moving parts but compared to a lot of this genre, they are very sturdy and should last quite a while. The animals are actual pets and are named on the last page. Classy and fun and gorgeous to look at! The above applies to the Dog book as well.
J. Goyder
This book is awesome! It is sturdy and each page has activities on it (flaps, squeaky ball, fuzzy tails, ect). My 1 year old daughter loves it and hasn't been able to destroy it! She did rip the one moving tail out but I was able to reattach it easily. The actual words are a little weird sometimes but at this point we are just looking at the pictures
Jay Renner